Annie Y. Goodner

I'm an educator and writer based in Amsterdam.

Since 2012 I have taught theory and writing in the graphic design department at the Academy of Art & Design in Arnhem.

Together with Elizabeth Graham and Gianmaria Andreetta, I recently initiated How to Show Up? a semi-regular performance program at San Serriffe in Amsterdam interested in speech, text and the voice.

As a master’s student in the Critical Studies Department at the Sandberg Instituut (2014-16) I developed a writing practice around movement, landscape and edges. Research and writing culminated in a publication (ongoing) called LA.NL about the interaction between place and projection.

Before moving to the Netherlands, I received degrees in art history from Smith College (B.A.) and Emory University (M.A.) From 2011-2013 I was a member of the research group Photographic Traditions in South African Popular Modernities at Leiden University.