Annie Yelensky Goodner

I’m an arts educator, critic and writer based in Amsterdam. I teach art/design theory and writing in the department of graphic design at University of the Arts, Arnhem.

I write semi-regularly for a variety of international art publications. In 2023 I co-founded Tangents, an English-language online review platform focused on writing about the Dutch art scene—on what is happening both within the borders of the Netherlands and about Dutch-based artists presenting work beyond them.

How To Show Up? ran from 2016-2022 and explored writing, performance and the live event through close collaboration with artists.

Before moving to the Netherlands, I received degrees in art history from Smith College (B.A.) and Emory University (M.A.) From 2011-2013 I was a member of the research group Photographic Traditions in South African Popular Modernities at Leiden University.